Monday, January 11, 2010

OH SNAPS! Whirlwind ;3

WEEEE! Darn! I just finished the bag of my favorite cookies ._.!! The circus animal cookies! Covered in frosting and sprinkles.....@w@

Well! Today was pretty darn good!!! I made up with Evil Spawn!!! YAAY! I had a dream that I took her by the arm and made up so the next day I did just that XD It worked! We hugged a long time, I bet bystanders thought we were lovers XD but right after I saw The Sun and ya know what? She was so happy for us she almost cried! (Mind you I also did too) But that really is a great best friend! I love em both! Hopefully the tete-a-tete between us will we the finishing patchwork to our relationship! ^__^

Im wearing a band-aid on my wrist O-o i dunno why but it's been stuck all day XD mwuhahaha!

Okay so Kitty (codename) was reading lovely bones today...I wikied it so I know the basics of the story if not more..and I read the rape section. Made me feel so weak and flimsy. I couldn't speak and I felt like I was stepping on knives. As soon as the bell rang I went to find Gangsterlicious and simply hugged her. It's cute how she soothed me afterwards x3 but yeah it'd been bugging me. I know Susie Salmon isn't real but...*shivers*

OMG~ So I went to the bachelor's party (got stared at by a weirdo and remembered a play I saw in England - Fiddler on the Roof ) and I wore eyeshadow!! For the first time, so im slowing submerging myself in the whole make-up world! Though i'll never know why every M.A.C sales person I talk to ends up being mean. O_o go sephora?

Anyways here's a picture of mi first try XD Lets hope I improve! (Kandee Johnson Fan ^__^v)

Darn my lips are chapped v.v!!

P.S I saw The Prince today ._. he cut his hair. pffft.

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