Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Birthday~

I was unbelievingly happy today!!!

I am very thankful to God for being alive one more year >D!! I was also very blessed to have so many people help celebrate it! Evil Spawn gave me a ducky and The Sun! Omg the most heartwarming card ever...I wanted to cry!! OMG Mama (codename for a laidback friend of mine!) gave me the gift that made me scream at lunch....the first american manga volume of...KUROSHITSUJI!!!! >

However all gifts were dearly cherished I'm very thankful!! Even the money!~ (The squirts surprise card was very beautiful as well, my little squirt~! The lil sis!)

But then....7th period...I CRIED BECAUSE OF A STUPID PHYSICS TESTS. Can ya imagine that?! I am seeking help on the subject now though and i'm over it. so HA!! Besides a Biology major has to pass through it...I also plan to sit by Kitty and Doofus. I wont let them be the cause of me moving...enough nonsense!

I had practice today! I made up with The Ocean...I ended up apologizing! It was to merry a day to let that get between us. I will not consider myself beneath that girl any longer. After I am Karen Terrazas!! XD! So it was fun! We completed the show and now we just gotta fill in the stuff! Im very excited! We have improved!! WUTATATA!! (something a fellow guard pal says XD love it!!)

So im listening to the indian music from the soundtrack XD so wicked! My cousin likes this stuff! Seems pretty cool yo! Woo!!

Ah I feel so loved! Couldn't ask for more ^o^!! So with that I'm off to shower!!!

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