Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day Back....Ready for the roller-coaster ride?

My Goodness...Everything was wack! I really am not fond of my new schedule. I felt so lonely when I didn't have english with Gangsterlicious. I barely know anyone in any of my classes! Sucks!
T_T However this day was beyond the usual dose of bi-polarnessness. Why?
Okay first I saw The Prince waaay to much. Hard to believe i've had a crush on this guy for almost two years. So I decided to talk to him and clear up a misunderstanding we had. PFFFFFT. It went as expected, he was stunned and I was...me. Then afew periods later, I find out he REALLY likes someone. Talk about mega ouch! Gangsterlicious is on the case! Though im learning to let go of him and with that my hope of finding a steady bf. XD how sad!! So I was pretty bummed. Two things pulled me together though! A quote given from a friend and a random reminder.

"Just when the caterpillar was about die it turned into a butterfly." Kinda cheesy but who cares!
"Jesus is Hope!" ^__^v

Then colorguard practice was next! Overall we did work that was pretty darn good, can't complain I even goofed off more then I should have. There was a linked sour moment though. The Ocean (Another codename for a infamous male in my life) decided that he would pick on me. He really hurt my throat, still hurts...and well he made me miss one of closet male friend ever! Like a brother, like blood! So I cried ._. Orchid (Codename for one of my best friends since we meet in '08 ;3) helped the stubborn tears out. Which I'm thankful for. Since oddly enough it takes alot to make me cry.

Ah! But I drank alot of apple juice and that was niiiiice 8D and once I got home I found a package waiting for me! I was so eager to open it x3! Inside was the hair product I so badly need for my haircut. Green Gatsby! From Japan >w<

See! ^o^!! It really made my day!! Let's hope tomorrow is a better one though :]

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