Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years!!~


So New Year's came in and it was fun~ I actually got closer to one of my cousins who's codename will forever be 'X' x3

X is a very spiritual guiding person. She's older then me by 7-8 years but that doesn't stop us from being close and sharing some pretty good laughs! For the longest time she's been the only person that I can talk to while im at church..

I also ate mexican tamales....simply heavenly >3 The lovely lady who made them was my aunt's mother-in-law. Whoa! Strong willed women! When it comes to mexican tamales I only like hers so I basically ditched all the other dishes XD

Since I was at church....I got to hit a pinata XD which hit me in the face x_o! I was blindfolded nuuuuuuuu!!

Sadly we weren't able to go to my cousins house afterwards but I did get to talk to X till four XD

So overall good good! Oh and did I mention I made a new friend? ;3

Mwuhahaha and to finish my first blog ever!! A picture! 8D

P.S New Year Resolution - Keep Moving Forward! ;3

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