Monday, January 4, 2010

Before Back To School....

So I spent my vacation I'd say very well. Had alot of fun, and spoke so much spanish! Was very lazy but did alot of things I hadn't done, like connect with my youth group n stuff! x3

Because of the new years I also feel like I started out fresh, new slate! So Im pretty nervous about tomorrow...ahaha I bet I sound silly XD I even got Gangsterlicious abit twitchy with all my whining. XD Aha Gangsterlicious is a codename for one of my Best Friends btw! So lets hope all goes well ^^v

Ah I found this awesome nail polish which is now my current favorite!

See! It so cute! With glitter and pink stars, I lurve it! I think ima starting putting stickers under a clear coat...seems uber cute... XD

Anywho! Today I visited my Aunt who taught me how to cook this chicken thingy thingy! I had fun and even made notes my excuse "College." because for a sec. she was like "Marriage." SCARY.

XD ahaha oh man! being in that house sure brought back memories! I was raised there for 6 years and man I love that women! XD My nephew and niece were there and got to see him in his sleepy baby mode! He keep staring at me and it was adorable! Hope to visit again friday!

Hmmm eyeshadow, go or no go? O-o

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