Saturday, June 5, 2010


On Wednesday Squirt graduated from the 5th grade! XD Time flies!! She's going to be a bandie like me next year and play the trumpet just like moi! I hope I can be of some use and teach her some basics...though right now my trumpet is in the shop and I can't practice this years music T__T scary!

This is Squirt with one of her besties! :3 She says I act like her sometimes...XD;
Walking into her classroom alot of her classmates knew me, XD I felt like a popstar!~
I also got to meet Squirt's crush....=w= what a cute little boy! Yay! XD

Aside from that my summer vacation has been Squirt and me being total otaku's -w-! Watching loads of anime and playing KH II! (wanna be refreshed before birth by sleep comes out on Sept. 7th!) I must say I think it's time well spent!

Today I will be going to two grad parties! Let's see how that goes! Im not much of a party person yet (parents are strict -.-;) Hopefully I'll post tomorrow ^__^

9 days till japan!!! I can't believe the countdown has begun!! O_O!!! Ah!

Well that's all I have to get ready!

Fun Fact: Im eager to try MAC but every time I go in, the sales person that helps me is always u mean or in a bad mood so I simply walk out, yay sephora! XD;


  1. Congrats to Squirt. :P

    Ah.. Japan! I'm jealous.

  2. She says thank you! :3

    Ah! Nu! Traveling frenzy is nothing to be jealous about XD

  3. Yes!! The little people are awesome x3