Saturday, June 12, 2010

Class of '10 :]

So! On the brink of me leaving graduation still is brewing greatness! XD I DID blow that loud horn when The Sun walked! Oh yeah!

I went to Travel Bud's (she is my loyal travel companion to japan :3) Graduation party the day before! It was fun to reconnect with the fellow seniors ^__^

(me and Travel Bud XD wee!)

Ta da! XD It was uber hot! I ended up going to another but no picture with the grad! Mainly because he is a conceited douche -__-; but its okay! I spent the time with X and box puzzle (had a uber minor crush on him)! The two are dating :o! Thats still abit funny to me but it'll pass!

Graduation! Here are so pictures of me and my senior buddies! They WILL be missed. They are better than some of my junior friends. How sad ._.

The Sun! She's the main reason I went, man I was so proud! She was Magna Cum Laude. Im trying to atleast grasp Cum Laude *panics!*

This is a colorguard buddy!

Here are some of my good rocker buds ^_^! Surprisingly enough the one of the right keep my faith strong when it would wither I owe him one!

That ish it! Today way the The Sun's Grad party, but I couldn't take any pictures! It was a water ballon fight. XD of massive proportions! There were so many balloons it was crazy! Though I will admit I hit some of the senior gals I didn't like. XD Huzzah! Squirt went too! I was glad to take her out before I leave! Tomorrow I shall spend it with her!

So about BCP. DARN THOSE LADIES AT THE PHARMACY! I had to get my refill because of the trip and when I told her what it was, I get it...a nasty look that brought me to tears. I honestly didn't know what was worse. That it brought me to tears or that she gave me that look. But whatever. That's a life lesson right? It better be.

Aside from that frenzy I got my haircut! Like Lightning from FF 13. Otaku right hur!! XD

XD Blurry pic! But I think came out good! Though it nu pink .w.

So this monday at 3:30 AM begins my trek! This will more than likely be my last blog till I return. I wonder what will await me there....n.n

Fun Fact!: I can't swim. This baffles me because I took lessons ._.


  1. Congrats on graduating! Don't worry, I can't swim too. :(

  2. I graduate next year! XD woo! we're still cool even with floaties! XD